Game made in 3h for Trijam #107

The theme of the jam was: Package delivery

In this game you control a postal service worker who needs to deliver some packages that don't have the destination info on them, so you have to figure out to which country to deliver the package based on some tips.

You can take your time in each question to think, the final score is based on how many answers you got correct.

For the hardcore players: try to also be the fastest possible!


  • Spacebar to deliver the package
  • A/D or left/right to move your character

The whole game is controlled by keyboard, including the menus.


Programming: Felipe Viana (Flash)

Art: Vell

Sound Design & Composition: James Foss ( |

Made with Löve2D

Source code is available here:

Key takeaways:

  • gathering a total of 50 tips  (10 for each country) took way more time than i expected
  • for a 3h jam the game needs to be REALLY simple, otherwise there will be no time for polish and the final experience will suffer a lot from it
  • it's harder to communicate the ideas with other team members compared to other jams because the execution needs to be in 3h or less


Download 5 MB
Download 8 MB
Download 2 MB

Install instructions

For browser version, try to play it on Google Chrome on normal mode (not incognito)

If the browser version doesn't work, try to download windows or mac version.

Mac: click with right button > Open


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Nice game! It is impressive to know it only took 3h hours to be made... =O