Karl Marx was angry!

The bourgeoise was controlling the world by the capitalism system and turning people into modern slaves.

Let's save the proletariat, let's Explode Capitalism


Move: WASD or arrow keys

Bomb: B or spacebar

The game is pretty short for now and is lacking music, items, etc. I plan on upgrading it later.

This game was made for the LÖVE jam 2020.

All assets were made during the jam.

Programming: @felipeViana

Art: @apalomart


exploding-capitalism-win32.zip 4 MB
exploding-capitalism-osx.zip 6 MB
exploding-capitalism-fixed.love 830 kB

Install instructions

For browser version, try to play it on Google Chrome on normal mode (not incognito)

If the browser version doesn't work, try to download windows or mac version.

Mac: click with right button > Open

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